Let the good times roll

Welcome to Le Bon Ton

“Laissez les bon temps rouler!” is a common exclamation heard around New Orleans. For over 250 years, revellers have shouted the mantra and toasted to its principles.

As you travel outside the city, you will notice that the phrase is shortened and simplified by the locals. The rules of the French language are discarded, and the accents changed. Away from the neon lights of Bourbon Street, “Le bon tomps rula” is a much more common phrase. It or one of its Cajun/Creole variations is a common toast heard in the local roadside bars, oyster houses, crab shacks and BBQ joints of the Louisiana countryside. The ultimate simplification, which rolls perfectly off the tongue and still embodies the spirit of the original, is only 3 words long – Le Bon Ton.

Only the Best

Come Hungry, Leave Happy

The kitchen showcases dishes and cooking techniques drawn from multiple regions of the American South, with inspiration from as far west as New Mexico and as far east as Alabama.

All pit-smoked meats are smoked over ironbark & fruit woods for up to 12 hours and will absolutely melt in your mouth.

Let’s party in style

This calls for a celebration

With a room so full of character, allow Le Bon Ton to make your celebration truly memorable.

Our function rooms ooze character and history, and our bespoke packages allow customers to tailor their events for a wide variety of occasions.

The bar stays true to the traditional flavours of the South, and the beer is served frothy, the absinthes are complex, the whiskey smooth, and the Champagne is ice cold.

Welcome to Le Bon Ton. Let’s let the good times roll.

Only the Best

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Only the Best


Monday – Closed
Tuesday 4pm – 10pm (kitchen close 9:30pm)
Wednesday 12pm – 10pm (kitchen close 9:30pm)
Thursday 12pm – 10pm (kitchen close 9:30pm)
Friday 12pm – 3am
Saturday 12pm – 3am
Sunday 12pm- 10pm (kitchen close 9:30pm)

Labour Day Trading Hours
Monday 11th March: CLOSED 

Easter Trading Hours

Good Friday: CLOSED
Holy Saturday: 12pm – Late
Easter Sunday:12pm – 10pm
Easter Monday: CLOSED
2 April: Normal Hours Resume

ANZAC Day Trading Hours
Thursday 25th April: CLOSED 
Please Note: A public holiday surcharge will apply.